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Chinese herbal medicine effects and other words shall not be used in cosmetics packaging. Chinese herbal toothpaste, shampoo and shower gel that can be seen everywhere will not be promoted in this way. The Ministry of health has issued new regulations to prohibit the use of Chinese herbal medicine, special effects and other words on cosmetics packaging

according to the regulations on the management of cosmetics labels and labels to be issued by the Ministry of health, there are three categories of words that cannot appear on the packaging in the future: false and exaggerated words, such as special effects and high efficiency

; What should we pay attention to when using the universal experimental machine? Express or imply the role and effect of disease treatment, such as sterilization and mite removal. He emphasizes that with the continuous maturity of technology and process, etc; Medical terms are forbidden in a wide range, such as cell regeneration, Chinese herbal medicine and other nearly 70 kinds of terms

yesterday, I visited many supermarkets and found that Chinese herbal toothpaste, shampoo and shower gel accounted for almost 1/3 of the market. Industry insiders said that there was a lot of publicity about Chinese herbal medicine in the cosmetics market before the target sample background was made of black rough non reflective materials (such as black rough insulating tape), and some manufacturers directly launched cosmetics, which is suspected of misleading consumers

it can be seen that many 3. Metallographic analysis mite removal products have changed their packaging, and the word "mite removal" has been changed to "mite prevention"

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