The most popular cotton rotation has not yet start

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Cotton rotation has not started yet, and the profits of textile enterprises have recovered.

recently, the time for reserve cotton rotation has been basically clear, and the key period for lint spot sales will be from now to before rotation. No matter Xinjiang cotton, local cotton, or even long staple cotton, cotton enterprises and cotton merchants intend to step up sales. The best way to promote sales is to reduce prices. Textile enterprises, as the direct beneficiaries, had improved their yarn profits before the reserve cotton wheel was launched

according to the data of the national cotton market monitoring system, since the beginning of March, the spot price of lint in Hebei, Shandong and Henan has decreased by nearly 500 yuan/ton. On March 23, the price of 3128b grade real estate cotton in Hebei, Shandong and Henan was about 11700 yuan/ton. The price of 3128b grade hand picked cotton in Xinjiang was only RMB yuan/ton, while that of machine picked cotton was RMB yuan/ton. Due to the rapid and large decline of cotton, the upside down situation of some cotton yarn costs has been significantly improved. The 32S and 40s orders of pure cotton yarn have gradually expanded, and the single and profit of the frontier new material utilization field have improved. The combed 40s compact spinning and siro spinning produced by some manufacturers in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Hebei and Shandong provinces are even in short supply. However, the demand for high count yarn of less than 21s in rotor spinning and 60s and above in combed compact spinning is still light, and there are serious hidden dangers in quality

the person in charge of a textile enterprise in Binzhou, Shandong Province, took the ordinary combed c32s produced by the factory as an example, and calculated an account: the cost of cotton arriving at the factory was yuan/ton. If the loss, labor and water and electricity expenses were included, the cost of ordinary combed c32s would be around 19200 yuan/ton. On March 24, the sales price of 32S in the Yellow River Basin was yuan/ton. Under normal circumstances, textile enterprises can guarantee a profit of about 300 yuan/ton

since the beginning of this year, some large and medium-sized textile enterprises in various regions have been able to operate normally, while small textile mills have low profits. However, in March, it was rumored that the reserve cotton wheel was out, which brought hope to small and medium-sized textile enterprises that the research technology of this graphene battery could really achieve this breakthrough. When the downstream market is depressed, small and medium-sized textile enterprises pay more attention to raw material procurement and cotton distribution to ensure workers and production, especially to purchase low-grade cotton at a low price, and maximize the utilization of resources through accurate cotton distribution. In particular, enterprises producing conventional yarn can basically achieve profits when the raw material cost is reduced and the sales are slightly improved

at present, the spot purchase of textile enterprises is still rational, and they are waiting for the reserve cotton to be rolled out in large quantities and at low prices. Once the rolling out starts, it will bring greater benefits to the production of medium and low count yarn by small and medium-sized textile enterprises

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