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After the large-scale cotton picker operation, the farm workers still picked up the missing cotton in the cotton field, unwilling to waste a little harvest fruit. The workers of the Communist Youth League farm stood in the cotton field, waiting for the cotton picker to harvest their cotton. On the train, they interviewed the cotton pickers in Kaifeng, Luohe, Xinxiang, Jiaozuo and other places in Shaanxi Province, as well as Weinan, Shaanxi Province Cotton pickers in Caoxian County, Shandong Province and Gansu Province. Some of them are new cotton pickers, some are cotton pickers with many years of cotton picking experience, or they are "professional cotton pickers" with very harsh service conditions for valve springs. Every August of the lunar calendar, these "professional cotton pickers" will collectively take the train to Xinjiang. On the land in the western part of the motherland, they have paid their hard work and sweat, and have also received their own "cake" - a valuable reward. However, this "cake" is being "swallowed up" by a behemoth, which is the new generation of "cotton pickers" -- cotton pickers

the couple's annual cotton picking income is 40000 yuan

Zhang tiliang, who is in his early 40s, is a native of Zongdian village, Qi County, Kaifeng City. For more than 10 years, when the cotton is ripe, Zhang Liliang has taken his wife to Shaya County, Aksu Prefecture, Xinjiang to pick cotton. The couple go out early and return late every day to pick cotton, and they can earn 40000 yuan a year

on the train k175, the couple bought one hard sleeper and one hard seat. When they are tired, the husband and wife take turns to sleep in hard beds. The couple are very satisfied that they can earn 40000 yuan a year. Because this income is almost 10 times that of the family's 4 Mu thin farmland

"the two of us pick up 'running flowers', that is, we pick up flowers every day. Today we pick them up for the owner, tomorrow we pick them up for the west, and the settlement is made every day. Whoever gives more will pick up cotton." Zhang said

it is understood that Zhang and his wife arrive at Shaya County, Xinjiang every year during the cotton picking season, and then rent a house in the county. Then they cook their own cooking stove and bring their own bedding for accommodation, without adding any trouble to the cotton boss. Every morning, the couple went to the farmers' market in the county to look for the cotton owner who came to look for the cotton picker. After the price was settled, they took the motorcycle tricycle of the cotton boss into the cotton field to pick cotton. Of course, they brought their own lunch

"we mainly pick cotton for Uygur cotton bosses. Due to our years of cotton picking experience, we can communicate well with them and get along well with them. They are very honest, and their salary is settled on the same day. Children and old people are not deceived!" Zhang said

like Zhang tiliang, zhaojuan, from zhoutang Township, suixian County, also expects to earn a lot of money from picking cotton in Xinjiang every year. This year, she led more than 30 cotton pickers from zhoutang, HUTANG and other towns to Hami, Xinjiang to pick cotton. As soon as she got on the train at Minquan county railway station, zhaojuan fell asleep on the small table of the train

"after more than two months' work, not only did I have an income, but also almost everyone of the cotton pickers I led had an income of more than 10000 yuan." Zhaojuan said

but they do not know that a large cotton picker is posing a threat to the labor of cotton pickers

a cotton picker can replace 600 cotton pickers

yards, all of which adopt large-scale cotton pickers

however, it was found in the interview that there were many impurities in cotton harvested by cotton picking machinery, and there was surplus cotton in the cotton field that could not be harvested. After the cotton picker, some cotton blossoms were left in the fields, which really made the cotton growers distressed

"there's no way. After all, machinery is not as sophisticated as manual work. Waste is inevitable. But some impurity cotton factories also buy them, but deduct the impurity money. Even so, it's more cost-effective than cotton pickers." The staff said

the cotton picker roared in the sea of cotton. It is noted that it is very easy for the cotton picker to pick cotton. After picking cotton, the truck follows the powerful customer group information sharing function: the customer experimental machine and experimental technology seminar are organized irregularly, and the "cotton ball" is produced. The local people call the machine "cotton egg"

the farm workers also asserted that in the near future, a large number of cotton pickers will enter most cotton fields in southern Xinjiang, leaving cotton pickers without cotton to pick

in order to have a more comprehensive understanding of the life and work of cotton pickers, after an interview in the cotton District of Hami City for 4 days, we took a bus to Urumqi, and then transferred to Wujiaqu City of Changji Prefecture and the Communist Youth League farm of the Sixth Agricultural Division of Xinjiang Construction Corps

on the afternoon of September 29, when the car was driving near the Communist Youth League farm of the Sixth Agricultural Division, it noticed that there was an endless expanse of cotton on both sides of the road, like a white ocean. But after in-depth interviews in the cotton area, I learned that this was another scene. "We basically don't use cotton pickers here. Most of them use large cotton pickers. Only sporadic plots use some cotton pickers, and the number of them is very small." The Sixth Agricultural Division, as shown in the figure below, was told by zhangzhuo, an employee of qingtuan farm

it is understood that the "cotton bosses" here are all farm workers. Each employee has 50 mu of arable land. All the cultivated land is planted with cotton. Every September of the lunar calendar, workers spray "ripening agent" on cotton in advance to promote the opening of cotton at the same time, which is conducive to the unified purchase of large machinery

"using cotton pickers to pick cotton costs only 50 cents per kilogram, which saves three-quarters of the expenses compared with using cotton pickers. Moreover, using cotton pickers is very troublesome. They not only need to arrange food and accommodation for cotton pickers, but also reimburse their round-trip travel expenses, and it is also very troublesome to recruit cotton pickers from the mainland every year..." huhongzhong, a farm worker, told me

some data show that although the imported cotton pickers have relatively high losses, they have the advantage of low cost and high efficiency, and are soon popularized. According to the budget of the local government, a cotton picker is equivalent to about 600 cotton pickers, and can harvest 600 mu a day and night

the climate in Northern Xinjiang is bad, and the winter is cold and long, which is not conducive to cotton picking. In recent years, the cotton picking machines of farmers in Northern Xinjiang, especially the Xinjiang Construction Corps, are gradually accepted by cotton bosses.

in the cotton areas of Aksu Shaya County, Kuqa County and Luntai County in southern Xinjiang, there are few traces of large cotton picking machines. Cotton pickers are everywhere

"at this time, cotton picking machines are operating in Northern Xinjiang, because the cotton maturity in Northern Xinjiang is earlier than that in southern Xinjiang. After the cotton harvest in Northern Xinjiang is completed, a large number of cotton picking machines will go south." Luntai County cotton boss zhangfengyun said to

Wang Jiandang is a large cotton grower in Chengzhuang Town, Minquan County, with more than 500 mu of cotton planted in Kuqa County. This year, the old family brought her more than 20 cotton pickers. However, Wang Jiandang is not satisfied with the number of cotton pickers. He hopes that more cotton pickers will work in their cotton fields and finish picking the cotton one day earlier

"Next year, I will use a cotton picker to pick cotton. It is not easy to recruit cotton pickers. They not only reimburse the travelling expenses, but also take care of their food. My old family recruited cotton pickers at home. They really asked to organize the 6th China EU raw materials working group meeting and the meeting of the raw materials working group of the China Russia prime minister's regular meeting with the Subcommittee on industrial cooperation. My grandfather told my grandmother that this one was too hard-working, and that one was too suffering. They didn't want to come here. This year, it's a little better. Cotton pickers are not too bad Nervous, finally attracted more than 20 people. " Wang Jiandang said

the four brothers of Wang Jiandang all planted cotton in Xinjiang. Although they have not settled in Xinjiang, they are all "old Xinjiang". The next year, their brothers agreed that they could not use the cotton picker to pick cotton

liuzongmin, a big cotton grower in Caohu Township, Luntai County, is also from Minquan county. For several years, he has planted more than 400 mu of cotton every year. This year, more than 20 cotton pickers came to his cotton field to work on the lunar Mid Autumn Festival. Liuzongmin's heart was just put into his stomach

"it is difficult to plant cotton every year, and it is even more difficult to recruit cotton pickers. It feels like it is difficult to marry a daughter-in-law. As long as the cotton pickers are willing to come, we can basically agree to any conditions. The only thing we can't agree to is that the price of two yuan per kilogram can't exceed." Liuzongmin said, "I can't stand it anymore!"

it is understood that the purchase price of cotton this year is about 7.5 yuan per kilogram. Apart from the cotton picker's more than two yuan per kilogram, the cotton boss has about five yuan left. The automatic cotton picker imported from the United States costs only 50 cents per kilogram of cotton, a quarter of the workers, but its efficiency is hundreds of times higher. During the interview, many cotton bosses said that they would pick cotton with cotton pickers in the coming year

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