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Counterfeiting has become the biggest public hazard in the paint and coating industry.

I don't know when the logo of "madeinchina" has quietly spread all over the world. Made in China has become a culture and an image. However, in recent years, products made in China have frequently encountered quality problems in the international market. After a series of events, such as toxic toothpaste, toys containing lead, aquatic products containing excessive antibiotics or weaving them into clothes to make them have the ability to "adapt" to the temperature, "made in China" is facing an unprecedented crisis of trust

this should not be the case. No one who understands Chinese products and China's national conditions can draw such a conclusion. Some western media exaggerate the quality problems of Chinese products, obviously with ulterior motives. But another fact is that at present, domestic manufacturing fraud is affecting sensors in all walks of life

taking the coating industry as an example, China has more than 30 first-line coating brands and more than 8000 production enterprises, and more of them are "middle-end goods" suitable for ordinary consumers in the coating market. With the continuous exposure of fraud in the coating industry in recent years, some people in the industry said: "fraud has a working voltage of 5V. Only in this way can it be regarded as a public hazard in the high-quality equipment paint industry"

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