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On the first day of the Shanghai Construction Expo, marg custom furniture, with its unique booth design, made a wonderful appearance in the venue of the competition, showing the style and charm of the industry leader

on June 2, 2015, at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center by the Huangpu River, the 17th Shanghai Construction Expo arrived as scheduled, and marg customized furniture came in a strong attack! On the first day of the exhibition, with its ingenious booth design, it made a wonderful appearance in the venue of the competition, showing the style and charm of the industry leader

appearance and popularity fly together

in this age of looking at faces, "high appearance" means good appearance and image, which can get more attention and recognition. At the Construction Expo site where a hundred flowers bloom, Marge has become a "high-value" customized furniture exhibition hall with excellent craftsmanship and excellent product appearance design. It has received the general attention of professionals, relevant media and exhibitors. An endless stream of people came to visit, consult, interview and negotiate, realizing the beauty and popularity

foreign merchants visiting Marge exhibition hall

Marge exhibition hall with a large number of tourists

chairman Marge was interviewed

original design leads the trend

design and appearance are the places where beauty is proud. As an enterprise of "industrial design center", MAG has always followed the R & D and design concept of "product centered design is soul". This exhibition will bring the latest full house customized household products to the exhibition. The product display of the three major brands of mag (MAG customized furniture, MAG famous villa and maglina) is rich in layers, and the way of expression is friendly and natural. By changing the scene step by step, it leads visitors to experience the charm of MAG customized household products in the whole room space, and leads the new trend of the development of whole room customization

whole room customization of living room space

whole room customization of wine cellar space

whole room customization of study space

whole room customization of bedroom space

in the era of customization, it won the top in East China

with the continuous expansion of mag's national expansion strategy of "one thousand stores plan, one hundred cities strategy", this participation in Shanghai Construction Expo is one of mag's major initiatives to win the top in East China, and will lay a solid foundation for mag's new round of national expansion strategy. On the first day of the launch, an endless stream of merchants came to consult and join in. After learning about the advantages of MAG products, enterprise strength and marketing mode, many investors signed up to join in, seize wealth opportunities and share wealth feast

full investment promotion negotiation room

franchise negotiation

East China is one of the most active regions in China's economy. Its huge economic capacity provides a broad market space and development potential for the emerging customized furniture industry, which contains unlimited attractive business opportunities. In order to better help franchisees seize the wealth opportunity, while launching many preferential policies for franchising, marg will talk about it for you on the spot, Interpret the future development trend of customized home, decrypt mag's operation strategy and terminal profit strategy, and uncover the wealth secret of customized home profit model





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