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Modern people pay more and more attention to environmental protection. Many people choose solid wood furniture with better environmental protection. But in the face of all kinds of solid wood furniture on the market, I feel a lot of confusion. Today, let's learn about the common solid wood furniture in the market. What kind of wood is good? What are the characteristics of these woods

what kind of wood is good for solid wood furniture

1. Fraxinus mandshurica: it is slightly hard, straight texture, thick structure, beautiful patterns, good corrosion resistance and water resistance, easy to process but not easy to dry, high toughness, good bonding, paint and coloring properties, and has good decorative performance. It is currently the wood used more for furniture and interior decoration

2. Beech: also writing “ According to wood ” Or “ Mold wood ”. It is produced in the south of China. Although it is not a precious wood, it is widely used among the people. Although beech is strong and heavy in material and strong in impact resistance, it is easy to bend under steam and can be made into shapes. Its texture is clear, the wood texture is uniform, and the tone is soft and smooth. It belongs to medium and high-grade furniture materials

3. Oak: the advantage of oak is that it has distinctive mountain shaped wood grain, good touch texture, solid texture, solid structure of finished products, and long service life. The disadvantage is that there are few high-quality trees, which leads to the widespread phenomenon of replacing oak with rubber wood in the market. In addition, poor workmanship may also lead to deformation or shrinkage cracking

4. Birch: its growth rings are slightly obvious, the texture is straight and obvious, the material structure is fine and soft and smooth, and the texture is soft or moderate. Birch is elastic, easy to crack and warp when dry, and not wear-resistant. Birch is a medium-grade wood, solid wood and bark are common

5. Chinese fir: its material is light and soft, easy to dry, with small shrinkage, no warping, good durability, easy processing, thick section, medium strength, easy to split, and good bonding performance. It is the most common medium-grade wood for furniture and decoration in southern provinces

6. Juglans mandshurica: its wood has luster, straight or oblique texture, slightly coarse structure, slow drying speed, but not easy to warp, good toughness, easy processing, and smooth cutting surface. Good bending, painting and bonding performance, and strong nailing force

7. Yellow pineapple: its wood has good gloss, straight texture, thick structure, obvious and uniform growth rings, soft material, easy to dry, good processing performance, beautiful wood color and pattern, good paint and bonding performance, and is not easy to split; Good corrosion resistance and other advantages, but because of its poor nailing force, furniture made of yellow pineapple often has shortcomings such as instability

8. Elm: hardwood, close to Fraxinus mandshurica, and its mature period is generally 40-mdash& mdash; For more than 60 to hundreds of years, rough texture is often used to make informal solid wood furniture, reflecting its atmosphere and spirit of being with the sky

9. Maple: Maple is divided into soft maple and hard maple. It belongs to temperate wood and is produced in the south of the Yangtze River Basin. The maple grain is interlaced, and the structure is thin and uniform, light and hard, and the pattern is excellent. It is easy to process, the cutting surface is not smooth, and it is easy to warp when dry. The paint has good coating performance and strong adhesion

10. Mahogany: Mahogany furniture is characterized by dark color, which mostly reflects the antique style, and generally the wood itself has its own fragrance. In addition, it has the advantages of hard material, high strength and good durability. The disadvantage is that due to the low output of materials, it is difficult to have high-quality trees, resulting in uneven quality of mahogany furniture. At the same time, mahogany material is relatively greasy, easy to return oil under high temperature, and high processing difficulty, The price is also extremely high, which has a certain collection value

summary: after reading the above introduction about solid wood furniture and what kind of wood is good, have you had a deeper idea about solid wood furniture? For more relevant knowledge, please continue to pay attention to the information platform




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