Tanabata escort for love, true love zero distance

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Foshan bailima door and window Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "BLM bailima") was founded in 2000. After 18 years of development, it has become a high-end door and window enterprise integrating technology research and development, production, marketing and service

Tanabata | escort for love, true love "zero" distance

love is a long stream of water after thousands of sails

it is also a little bit of life

the same elegant taste

is a tacit understanding of each other, It is also the witness of love

join hands to embark on the unknown journey

the only sure thing is that you are around

- true love is infinite zero distance -


love is the ripple that constantly springs up in my mind

the heartbeat that keeps recalling in my ears

the feelings that are difficult to express in my heart

love is silent protection every moment



the passage of time

will witness the unswerving commitment of love

walk together with the years, and offer the hottest love confession with the long-term company

only true love never fades

happiness spreads in the heart

be with TA

bloom different charm every day

constant, warmth just

to the favorite TA, take the best care of

to your favorite ta, The most eternal need

# like is freshness, but love is security #

choose bailima to build an ideal home

love TA, please give TA 100% security

bailima doors and windows are derived from European standard design

scientific design and exquisite craftsmanship are perfectly integrated

green environmental protection and luxury and elegance are integrated

high energy conservation, strong sound insulation, Seiko and extreme delicacy

# P in the name of love, Escort for love #

please go to bailima door and window store

to find the "gift" of TA's love on Tanabata day

Customize a warm and comfortable home for TA





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