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The open pattern makes the whole home more spacious and transparent, and the loose environment makes people feel more comfortable. The modern simple style design method fully interprets the charm of modern and fashionable home. Through the following group of fashion home decoration renderings, let's have a look at the wonderful of modern Meijia

owner's decoration files:

Community: Poly Xinyu (more poly Xinyu decoration effect pictures) house type: two bedroom and two hall decoration style: modern simple decoration method: all inclusive contract amount: 100000 decoration company: Decoration bidding, decoration map

the modern simple style guest hall is stable in the atmosphere, showing the charm of home fashion. The light gray wallpaper in the effect picture is decorated with white patterns on the sofa background wall and decorative paintings on the black background, which instantly radiates the elegant style of art. The gray one-line fabric sofa is simple and modern, and the square tea table and black carpet match the sofa perfectly. The white hollow partition inlaid on the background wall of the restaurant adjacent to the living room enhances the beauty of the whole space

the open decoration design makes the whole home appear open and transparent, and the loose environment makes people feel at ease, which helps to relieve physical and mental fatigue. In the effect picture, the TV background wall of the living room is composed of two parts, elegant tiles and frosted glass. The whole looks very layered. The restaurant parallel to the living room continues the fashionable beauty of the modern simple style of the living room, and the tones of black, white and gray show the calm side of the space and the owner's low-key and simple life pursuit

the rectangular ceiling extends from the living room to the dining room, and the long and narrow area enhances the ductility of the field of vision. Crystal lights of different shapes are hung on the ceilings of the living room and the dining room respectively. The circular appearance shows the beauty of the curve, while the rectangular crystal lights appear square and crisp, and simple decorations add an elegant style to the home. In addition, the white European style combination sofa in the living room and the dining table chairs in the dining room in the decoration effect picture also look very good. The modern style and simple and elegant shape have laid a fashionable and elegant tone of the space and improved the quality of life

with the design of a two person washstand, this bathroom decoration effect picture looks more spacious and powerful. The two person basin designed side by side allows two people to wash side by side, and the bathroom mirror is also shared in a long strip shape, which saves a lot of trouble for the actual decoration. Moreover, the design of the basin integrated with the wall is very good to save space. The storage grid on one side stores towels, bath towels or toiletries. Even the position under the basin is not wasted. It is designed as a partition, which is also very perfect. This double bathroom design is the representative of simple and fashionable life

[introduction to poly Xinyu community]: Poly Xinyu is the third representative work developed by Poly Real Estate (the first brand of state-owned real estate) in the market after Poly Garden and poly Twelve Oaks manor. After the launch of poly Xinyu, it has won the honor of annual sales champion in the real estate market for three consecutive years. In 2009, Poly Real estate again photographed plots Ki, K2 and K3 of Mahu new village. Therefore, the total construction area of poly Xinyu increased to 1.3 million square meters, becoming the largest market in Wuchang! In 2011, poly Xinyu's sixth new product, Mr. Mark's new shore launch

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