Eight common traps in home decoration budget

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For the budget of home decoration, although many owners have done a lot of homework before, when they really see a thick decoration budget table, they will inevitably be shocked. It really takes a lot of effort to squeeze out the water

I. increase the labor price

tips: the labor price will vary according to different companies, the difficulty of construction and the construction level of the master. If the labor cost is more than doubled, the price is unreliable

II. Auxiliary materials are ingenious

tips: owners frequently run the market and study the main materials in detail, so they are not clear about the price of auxiliary materials. The decoration company will make an article here. For example, the labor cost of demolishing brick walls is already on the high side, and the auxiliary materials do not exist at all

third, the unit price of main materials plays tricks

tips: do not use famous brand products with clear prices, but replace them with unknown products, so that consumers do not know the price, such as slotting brick walls and concrete walls, or even there is no main material cost directly

IV. project disassembly

tips: disassemble the latex paint project into two projects: wall putty and latex paint painting. Disassemble one project into several projects. The unit price is down, but the total price is up

v. ambiguous materials

tips: this whole item can only be evaluated with two words too high. The cost of main materials and labor is more than twice the market price, and the specific brand, specification, grade, etc. of materials are not specified, which is suspected of being flattering

VI. unit conversion

tips: it is also a common practice to change the items that should be quoted by square meters to quoted by meters. It seems inconspicuous and easy to be ignored. Moreover, the unit price seems to be low on the surface, and the total price also goes up in the actual calculation

VII. Play tricks on the quantities

tips: the quantities must be re measured in the final accounts. Many companies are writing about the quantities in order to obtain higher profits. Common practices include: latex paint does not deduct the area of door and window openings; The wall and floor tiles of kitchen and bathroom are calculated according to the full paving, but when they are pasted, they are only pasted where the eyes can see, as for the back of the cabinet, they are not pasted

VIII. Repeated calculation

tips: for example, the door installation has been included in the hinge, and the floor nail has been included in the floor installation, and then at the end of the project, the hardware 3000 yuan is added. When the budgeter is asked to say which materials, the answer is often confused





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