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Renovate the waste recycling station to make the city fresh - the renovation of Ya'an renewable resources recycling industry has achieved results. Release date: Source: Ya'an

the waste recycling station is usually at the corners of the city, with empty bottles, old household appliances and other wastes piled up in disorder

with the promotion of health creation, the city has carried out renovation work for the renewable resources recycling industry, and the phenomenon of unauthorized construction and road occupation of waste recycling stations has been greatly improved

on site: waste products don't occupy the road, so there are some requirements for placing them.

on the afternoon of the 13th, in a waste recycling station on Shaxi Road, Yucheng District, staff were weighing the cardboard transported from the city. Subsequently, the staff moved the cardboard into the warehouse for storage

cardboard, plastic, rubber... In the warehouse, different items are classified one by one and stacked in different areas

"now when we receive the waste products, we will directly classify them and put them into the warehouse, instead of stacking them everywhere as in the past." Waste recycling station staff jianxiaocui said

in the waste recycling station, there are several fire extinguishers. Jianxiaocui said that this is because the warehouse often piles cardboard, foam and other inflammables, so the provision of fire-fighting facilities is essential

at the same time, the waste recycling station is also set with commuting time, which opens at 9 a.m. and ends at about 5 p.m. to avoid affecting the rest of surrounding residents

since the renovation of the renewable resources recovery industry, the dirty, disorderly and poor waste recycling stations in our city have been improved. In the past, some phenomena of unauthorized construction, disorderly stacking, road occupation and environmental damage have been effectively remedied. At the same time, the situation of beyond scope operation, stolen goods collection and sales has also been curbed under the key renovation of relevant departments

story: the change of the waste station originates from the change of concept

the waste recycling station on Shaxi road was a different scene before the renovation work began. In the facade of its business department, there are various recycled waste products, such as cardboard, plastic, pots and pans, scattered on the ground, occupying most of the sidewalks

the surrounding residents have great opinions on such waste recycling stations. In addition to having to walk up the motorway, a large amount of accumulated garbage has potential fire safety hazards, and the garbage piled up for a long time provides a "hotbed" for the breeding of disease vectors

in addition to poor sanitation, the noise generated by compressing plastic bottles and knocking metal often disturbs the surrounding residents

when they learned that the waste recycling station would be renovated, the surrounding residents agreed

after the renovation of the waste recycling station, the waste recycling station on Shaxi road has changed and is no longer the object of disgust of the surrounding citizens

according to the staff of waste recycling station, the most important source of change is the change of ideas

"first of all, we must admit that the waste acquisition station needs to store some waste products and then transfer them in a centralized manner. During the stacking process, it is inevitable that the aerogel gel material, which is called the lightest solid in the world, will have the second most serious health problem and potential safety hazard, but this is not inevitable." The staff member said that it is not difficult to clean frequently, stack by categories, occupy no roads, build without permission, and equip with fire-fighting facilities. As long as these are achieved, the surrounding environment of the waste recycling station can be greatly improved

voice: solve the problems of residents and standardize industrial behavior

"the renovation of waste recycling stations has solved a big problem for the surrounding people." Liuqiliang, a citizen, said that the renovation has made the operation of waste recycling stations more standardized and satisfactory

xiayonghong, the boss of a waste recycling station in our city, said that due to the low threshold of the waste recycling industry, some employees may not clean up their waste materials, or even sell stolen goods. Through this renovation, we can pay more attention to industry norms in future operations

notes: unblocking combined with green development

the mess of the waste recycling station is a "stumbling block" to the city image. It is an inevitable requirement for urban development to further purify the urban environment, improve the management level of renewable resources industry, and standardize the operation order of renewable resources recycling

in the renewable resources industry, there are widespread phenomena such as disorderly stacking in the open air, occupying roads and placing, and disorderly discharge of sewage. In the process of long service life and transportation of recycling, decomposing and adding experimental machines, the problem of environmental pollution needs to be solved, and the hidden dangers of power and fire use must also be eliminated. However, blindly shutting down is not the way, and more importantly, it is the correct guidance. On the basis of "strict standards, regulation according to law and regulation to the right place", we also need to pay attention to ways. We must improve our core competitiveness through innovation

nowadays, the chaos in the renewable resources recovery industry has been improved. In the final analysis, it is the result of the joint efforts of multiple departments and the active cooperation of the industry

the renovation of the waste recycling station should adhere to the principle of combining dredging with blocking, and standardize the business activities of the waste recycling station, so as to ensure the healthy and green development of the waste recycling industry

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