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[Regional Economy] Huaibei's machinery and equipment manufacturing industry has accelerated its transformation and development since the 11th Five Year Plan period, Huaibei's machinery and equipment manufacturing industry has made great efforts to transform and upgrade local enterprises on the one hand, and actively undertake industrial transfer, recruit large and strong enterprises, and vigorously improve its independent innovation ability on the other hand, in view of the outstanding problems of weak overall strength, unreasonable industrial structure, weak independent innovation ability and low product added value, We accelerated the transformation and upgrading of industries and achieved rapid and healthy development

since the 11th Five Year Plan period, Huaibei machinery and equipment manufacturing industry has made great efforts to transform and upgrade local enterprises, actively undertake industrial transfer, recruit large and strong enterprises, vigorously improve independent innovation ability, promote industrial transformation and upgrading, and achieve rapid and healthy development in response to the outstanding problems of weak overall strength, unreasonable industrial structure, weak independent innovation ability and low product added value

I. stick to being bigger and stronger, and actively promote the adjustment of industrial structure. Focusing on the formation of an industrial organization structure with more efficient resource allocation, local enterprises have been promoted to become bigger and stronger, and Anhui mining electromechanical has been cultivated and formed, which is more convenient for use and protection; Its experimental speed range can be adjusted to a number of industry leading enterprises such as Huaibei mining machinery, Huaibei Zhongfen machinery, Anhui Longbo electric, etc. Among them, Anhui mining machinery and electrical industry has an annual production capacity of 2billion yuan, which is currently the largest coal mining machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprise in the province

highlight the recruitment of large and good suppliers, and successively introduce Anhui Shanhe mining equipment, Huaibei dongci electronics, Huaibei Lishi battery, Huaibei Huguang electric, Huaibei suogu cable and other advantageous enterprises that all depend on the cycle time and pause time in the component program and processing, boosting the rapid upgrading of the industrial structure

vigorously adjust the product structure 15 minutes after the equipment stops running. Relying on advantageous enterprises to develop new products, vigorously develop large sets of intelligent equipment. Relying on independent innovation, Anhui mining electromechanical has successively successfully developed a powerful retractable belt conveyor, a large capacity, long-distance heavy-duty cast welded scraper conveyor and a 6.3m high mining height hydraulic support. Huaibei Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. and Huaibei Zhongfen Machinery Co., Ltd. have successfully developed and produced intelligent and multi model thickeners, belt filter presses, large distributors, dewatering screens, vibrating screens, spiral drum separators and other washing equipment. Anhui Longbo Electric has developed and produced many types of high-performance vacuum circuit breakers. Huaibei Huguang Electric Co., Ltd., Huaibei Lishi Battery Co., Ltd. and Huaibei sogu Cable Co., Ltd. have successively developed and produced amorphous alloy transformers, power batteries, various mining cables and communication cables. Not only the product grades have been upgraded, but also the types have been expanded from the past single coal mining machinery to power supply appliances, transportation, engineering and other fields, and the structure has been continuously optimized

II. Adhere to scientific development and vigorously promote scientific and technological progress and independent innovation. Strengthen the industry, University and industry direction, focus on the research and combination of graphene preparation and energy storage, touch screen and coating, strive to make breakthroughs in core technologies, and enhance innovation ability and core competitiveness. There are 7 provincial-level enterprise technology centers, 6 national high-tech enterprises in the machinery industry in the city, and 7 new products have been developed since last year. Anhui mining electromechanical Machinery Co., Ltd. has formed a linkage mechanism of production, learning and research with many well-known colleges and universities such as China Coal Research Institute and Shanghai Jiaotong University. It has set up a national testing center and a provincial technical center. It has built the first comprehensive mining test-bed in the province, which can test all types of mining equipment, belt conveyor and scraper in China. The largest hydraulic support machine test-bed independently developed in China has been put into use, and the produced shearers and roadheader, Supporting with hydraulic support, scraper, belt conveyor and other leading products, it takes the lead in forming a production pattern of three supporting machines for fully mechanized mining in China. Relying on the provincial technology center, Anhui Longbo Electric has invested heavily in attracting high-end technical talents to speed up product upgrading. Since last year, two new products have obtained provincial certification. Huaibei Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. has developed two products: peripheral drive automatic sectional rake lifting thickener and hydraulic center drive thickener, and has become a national industry standard setting unit for this product. Anhui Shanhe mining equipment's large modular intelligent complete set of fully mechanized excavators (ebz200, the second conveyor, and advance support) and Huaibei mining machine's nxz-53 central hydraulic drive thickener were selected into the list of the first (set) major technical equipment in Anhui Province in 2011. The programmable control GZN series peripheral hydraulic drive, hydraulic automatic segmented rake lifting high-efficiency intelligent thickener with a diameter of 90m and NXZ series hydraulic double drive, center drive and hydraulic automatic rake lifting high-efficiency thickener with a diameter of 65m developed by Huaibei Zhongfen machinery have won three national practical new type patents

III. persist in promoting industrial clusters and build Anhui mining equipment manufacturing base. In accordance with the idea of enterprise agglomeration and industrial cluster, we have guided related projects to focus on characteristic parks, vigorously built a machinery manufacturing industry agglomeration platform, and built Anhui Duji economic development zone characterized by coal mine machinery and equipment manufacturing. With a planned area of 10 square kilometers, the park has built a 5 square kilometer industrial agglomeration scale, and has settled in more than 80 mechanical equipment manufacturing enterprises, including more than 60 coal machinery equipment manufacturing enterprises. A China Mining Equipment Expo City integrating various functions such as procurement and trading, information exchange, warehousing and logistics, convention and exhibition business has been built. The functions of the park have been further improved and an industrial cluster pattern has been initially formed. By the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, strive to complete the industrial scale of 10 square kilometers, develop 100 large-scale enterprises, and achieve an annual industrial output value of 15billion yuan, making Duji Economic Development Zone an important mining equipment manufacturing base in Anhui and even the whole country

Huaibei's machinery industry has grown in the process of transformation and upgrading. In 2011, there were 135 large-scale enterprises with a main business income of more than 20million yuan, achieving a total industrial output value of 17billion yuan, accounting for 15% of the city's industry, with a year-on-year increase of 88.9%. The added value reached 4.7 billion yuan, an increase of 66% year-on-year. In January this year, there were 143 large-scale enterprises in total, including 54 enterprises with an industrial added value of more than 100 million yuan, achieving an industrial added value of 2.74 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 54.5%, 36.2 percentage points higher than that of the whole city. According to the industrial development plan, by 2015, the output value of large-scale enterprises will exceed 40billion yuan, realize a profit of 1.5 billion yuan, cultivate leading enterprises with an annual output value of more than 1billion yuan, cultivate a number of key products with independent intellectual property rights, high added value and high-tech content, and some products will enter the domestic leading ranks. Huaibei industrial industry office hang Chunxiao July 2, 2012

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