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Yuanchuan technology will participate in the 2021 China call center and enterprise communication conference. The 2021 China call center and enterprise communication conference () hosted by CTI Forum () will be held in Beijing Liaoning building on April 15. The theme of this meeting is to make it the only no 2 product in the market, and build a corporate communication cloud ecology in the 5g era. Hangzhou Yuanchuan Xinye Technology Co., Ltd. will be invited to attend the conference

Hangzhou Yuanchuan Xinye Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yuanchuan technology") is a key software enterprise and a national high-tech enterprise in the national planning and layout whose main business is the R & D and application of intelligent interactive technology. The company has long been engaged in the research of core technologies such as natural language understanding, in-depth learning, knowledge atlas, data mining, and media communication. Relying on the remote intelligent midrange, the company actively promotes the R & D and application of intelligent interactive products, and is committed to creating a halo color pin with clear black-and-white layers and an intelligent customer display interface for customers, which can display the selection interface of experimental methods, the selection interface of experimental parameters Integrated service of experiment operation and result display interface and curve display interface service

Yuanchuan technology adheres to the development strategy of product service + channel cooperation. Relying on the intelligent middle office, it has developed four product series: u-ipcc all media intelligent interaction center, u-agent intelligent interaction business platform, u-intelligent interaction middle office, u customer cloud crowdsourcing and cloud customer service. Its products serve 32 provinces, cities and autonomous regions across the country, and have more than 1000 industry customers. It has covered and continued to promote the development of In depth application in intelligent manufacturing, intelligent government affairs, energy and power, e-commerce and other fields

four product series:

u-ipcc: all media intelligent interaction center, integrated service marketing platform

u-agent: all configurable low code agile platform

business software agile development platform, which provides a set of mature call center business framework, which can be online before configuration and development, and supports the customization of 95% of business functions through click configuration and script configuration

u smart series: a full series of product matrix covering intelligent interactive midrange, intelligent robot, customer service assistant, intelligent quality inspection, intelligent analysis, intelligent shift scheduling, intelligent management and knowledge base

intelligent midrange has the ability to collect operation data and product technology, forming a strong support for each front office business, so that the enterprise can truly achieve the continuous docking of its own capabilities, business co construction and user needs

intelligent quality inspection is based on the traditional quality inspection standard process, makes full use of voice analysis technology, and establishes the double insurance of automatic quality inspection and manual quality inspection. Score by the system, more comprehensive and objective, improve service quality and explore new business opportunities

intelligent analysis translated the recorded data into text, then analyzed the text, and guided the implementation and industrialization practice throughout the country through the analysis results. Knowing the real intention of customers, we can get valuable information for business driving from the analysis, such as customer hot spots, customer complaint classification, etc

intelligent service assistant is a real-time business guidance and monitoring auxiliary system based on voice recognition, voice analysis and big data processing technology, which improves the agent business skills and supervision efficiency of the contact center, and effectively reduces the operation risk and labor cost

u customer series: the new generation customer service center

cloud customer service platform is a cost-effective customer service platform for customers. With the cloud deployment method, customers do not need to build or purchase their own systems, which greatly reduces the hardware cost and enjoys high-quality service experience

paradise sound Valley cloud crowdsourcing provides a full range of services including manpower. Realize the high and low peak matching between market human resources and enterprise service needs, and realize the crowdsourcing and sharing of people, technology and service experience with the help of man-machine mutual assistance platform, which can enable more enterprises to use leading technologies and create a better user experience for enterprise customers

intelligent solutions for four industries:

intelligent financial service solutions provide banks with an online and offline comprehensive service system for communicating with customers, including all media customer service, including video banking, virtual robot services based on artificial intelligence, and real robot services for point customers

the core of the solution for the offline Hall of smart government affairs is people-oriented. It centers on the experience journey design of three types of core scenes: people, staff and visitors

the smart government online service center solution realizes unified management and data sharing by integrating the government service center, 12345 mayors and other system service providers to access the government big data cloud platform, and docking with national, ministerial, prefecture and municipal government platforms

the power intelligent service solution is designed to provide overall business planning consulting and business system construction services for the national power 95588, and enable power users to enjoy better customer service with the help of artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies

brand manufacturing intelligent service solution is to rely on advanced technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence to reshape the business structure and ecosystem, deeply integrate online services, offline experiences and logistics, and provide customized, convenient and efficient customer services for customers in the whole life cycle of new retail and manufacturing

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