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Recycled PET can effectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions

according to the latest research of team GmbH, the company currently has more than 20 product series and more than 300 products. Compared with the original pet, the regenerated PET produced on the upper spindle with a string coil can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 79%. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of ALPLA in Germany. ALPLA group has been committed to the research of PET recycling for more than 20 years

the results were significantly higher than the previous expectations. The carbon dioxide emission of 1kg recycled PET manufactured by the company is 0.45kg. While the carbon dioxide emission from 1kg of raw pet or other new raw materials is 2.15kg. Obviously, carbon dioxide emissions have been reduced by about 79%

Peter fr schel, manager of the company, pointed out that in this way, the energy saved by 1kg recycled PET can make a 13 watt bulb work continuously for 12 days

alpla operates recycling enterprises in three bases and has a joint venture in Mexico. In 2014, it also built a new recycling plant in southern Poland. In order to avoid the looseness of the test piece in the experimental process, which may lead to deviation of the results, the deadline for the first self inspection of aluminum enterprises (May 15) is close to the factory. These plants can produce approximately 65000 tons of food grade recycled PET per year

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