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Reichhold builds unsaturated polyester production plant in India

material manufacturer Reichhold Inc. has built an unsaturated polyester resin production plant in ranjangao, India, because the adhesive itself is a volatile organic compound n

the new 57000 square foot plant has 40 employees and can produce nearly 300 million pounds of unsaturated polyester within the warranty period. Reichhold, headquartered in Research Triangle Park of digital display impact height in North Carolina, USA, hopes to apply this material to wind turbines, glass fiber reinforced pipes, engineering stones, automobiles and other application fields, company officials said in the draft

johngaither, chairman, President and CEO of Reichhold, said in the draft: "as the world's leading composite resin manufacturer, we hope to bring products of international quality into the fast-growing Indian market on site to meet local needs."

reichhold now has 19 factories in the world. The company claims to be the world's largest producer of unsaturated polyester, and also supplies coating resins to various markets

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