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Remote measurement and control products are widely used in pollution source monitoring projects

with the national attention to environmental protection, recently, our company's GPRS wireless waste plastic recycling into environmental friendly 3D printing materials has been greatly promoted. The transmission module series, 3. Effective reduction of experimental costs data acquisition controller series products are widely used in pollution source monitoring projects

pollution source monitoring covers a variety of environmental monitoring applications, such as water quality monitoring, automatic flue gas monitoring (CEMS), air quality monitoring, and video monitoring; Based on the monitoring of pollution sources, the system fully implements the principles of total amount management and total amount control, contains many important functions of the environmental supervision information system, and fully meets the construction requirements of environmental information network of environmental protection departments at all levels

The remote measurement and control products of Pingsheng Electronics Co., Ltd. have fully combined the environmental protection law of the people's Republic of China, the regulations on the administration of environmental protection of construction projects, and the measures for the operation and management of automatic monitoring facilities for pollution sources, playing an important role in environmental protection, according to the municipal ceramic aluminum office

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