Light luxury and slow life different from Haixin's

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The home decorated by Haixin has brought us bright sunshine, and also ushered in the twinkling of stars, encountering a different light, extravagant and slow life

the passage of time also retains a kind of beauty

the flowers bloom and fall, and the clouds are rolling

time precipitates young frivolity

it also makes people understand the world's cold and warm

in the passage of years

only [home]

and [Haixin]

when we were young, home was a place for us to rest.Although the place to rest is far less prosperous and noisy than the outside world, But it is still the warmth of the heart

a couch, two game handles, a few cans of wine, three or five confidants, and fun. Here, we have our youth

the home decorated by Haixin brought us bright sunshine and starry light, witnessing the crazy youth at that time

as time goes by, we no longer shout "if we are not crazy, we will grow old". Slowly, home has become a place to stay quietly

there are no restrictions, no temptations, in this quiet corner, only yourself

in the guard of my "door", I do what I like at my own pace

here, quiet and comfortable, here, warm as before, I am me, different fireworks

from youth to old age, home carries all the joys and sorrows

even though youth is no longer young, with a lover at the side, ordinary home life also has a unique sense of ceremony

put delicate tableware, wait for a delicious meal, busy figures in the kitchen, and sweet smiling faces waiting at the table

one room, two people, three meals, four seasons, enjoy the delicious time in life

time is long

in the poetic home

encounter a different light luxury and slow life with Haixin





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