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Just think, if we are owners, the most concerned about decoration is probably the quotation budget and decoration effect? However, according to the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network, most owners are in contact with decoration for the first time, and they themselves lack the corresponding decoration knowledge, let alone find out the doorway. Next, the editor of Wuhan home decoration network takes Jiuli of poly Park as an example. Before the price rises, let's take a look at the current decoration market. What's the latest decoration quotation for the 123 square meter D house type in this community

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poly Park Jiuli is located at the intersection of Jian'an street and nanhu road in Nanhu Garden City, Hongshan District. The community is equipped with luxury function clubs, outdoor swimming pools, amorous commercial streets and high-end centralized commercial entities. At the same time, it is equipped with brand kindergartens and high-quality primary and secondary school education resources, which have comparative advantages in transportation and other facilities

[poly Park Jiuli D house type 123 square meters]

[poly Park Jiuli D house type 123 square meters housing decoration requirements]

housing structure: three bedrooms, two living rooms, one kitchen and two bathrooms

decoration style: American style

decoration method: half package

[poly Park Jiuli D house type 123 square meters American style decoration model room display]

[poly Park Jiuli D house type 123 square meters latest decoration quotation]

specific analysis of Poly Park Jiuli D house type 123 square meters quotation:

before analyzing this quotation, the editor thought that the owners should have a general understanding of the current decoration market in Wuhan. The owners said that under the premise of ensuring quality, The construction technology should also be extremely exquisite and meticulous. First of all, it can be clearly seen that the cost of hydropower projects is the highest. Because it is a basic project and a concealed project, the routing problem also needs to be solved. The owners attach great importance to the choice of water pipes and wires. In this respect, those who should not be saved must not be saved at will, otherwise it will affect the follow-up construction and normal water and electricity consumption. In addition, safety issues are also worth paying attention to. You know, if the foundation is not firmly established, the threat to human health will not pay off

unlike other quotations, the cost of the guest restaurant is not particularly high, mainly spent on the basic background wall, porch and aisle. Because its structure is still relatively perfect, it does not need to make major adjustments. The ceiling is also mainly simple, and the owner said that the focus should be on the soft fitting in the future

careful friends will surely notice that the cost of kitchen and bathroom is almost the same as that of guest restaurant, because the owner pays special attention to waterproof in such a large house type. You know, if the waterproof is not done well, it will not only affect our daily use, but also interfere with the neighbors downstairs. Of course, in modern families, kitchen and bathroom also reflect the taste of residents

according to the editor, the difference between the quotation cost finally formulated and the decoration budget of the owner at the beginning is not too much. When the owner reviews the quotation details, he agrees with the proposal of the construction party, and the other party also reminds himself where to focus and where not to waste money, thinking that the cost performance is relatively high. Well, I hope the above content can make you have a clearer understanding of the quotation. If you still want to know or you are planning to decorate recently, you can find the decoration company you want through the decoration bidding of Wuhan home decoration network, and you can also leave your residential unit type + area + decoration requirements in the article. Customer service will arrange many decoration companies suitable for you to measure rooms, formulate plans and quotations for free. For details, please click

in addition, according to the editor, the home decoration industry in 2017 will increase both labor and material costs. The end of the year is at the peak of house collection. Owners who consult with decoration should pay attention to it. Use this year's price to set the decoration of next year with this year's price. What are you hesitating about? Hurry up





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