Five tips for home decoration to prepare for a rai

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Decoration will inevitably encounter various problems. For the two major problems of home decoration rights protection and after-sales rights protection of building materials products, the first solution that consumers think of is often to directly fight with relevant personnel. Because once seeking legal solutions, it will definitely delay the time to solve the problem. It is this huge investment of energy, financial and material resources that many consumers are deterred. Since it is so difficult to safeguard your rights in home decoration, you must learn to prepare for a rainy day

trick 1: the payment method should be as little as possible. When signing the decoration contract, consumers should try to agree that the first payment should be less and the last payment should be retained more. It is best to pay as much as possible to avoid being passive when their rights and interests are infringed

trick 2: don't change the established scheme at will. Consumers must fully communicate with the designer during the preliminary design. Don't change the established scheme at will during the decoration process, because each change may mean paying an extra fee

trick 3: keep the warranty properly. After the completion and acceptance of the project, consumers must not forget to ask for the warranty of the quality of residential interior decoration and keep it properly. Because if there is any problem in the home decoration project in the future, the warranty is a valid certificate

trick 4: choose a regular decoration company with good reputation. You must do your homework before choosing a decoration company. It is advisable to refer to the Suzhou daily home decoration staff weekly every Thursday, which has reports and recommendations of relevant brands, reviews brand qualifications and honors, and the media also has the role of supervision. Generally speaking, choosing those qualified and reputable formal decoration companies will reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble for homeowners

trick 5: decoration companies also need to compare the quotations of three decoration companies. It is best to see more model houses under construction by various companies, from which we can see the management level and process quality

trick 6: read the budget carefully. For the project quotation or budget provided by the decoration company, consumers must carefully review it and attach it as an attachment to the contract. In addition, the project would rather report more than less. Because some projects can be deducted if they are not done, but if you want to suddenly increase projects, it is bound to increase costs

trick 7: the contract text must be standardized. We must choose the standardized contract text. We must write the quotation, engineering change, design, acceptance, warranty and preferential terms agreed by the decoration company into the contract, which is conducive to safeguarding rights afterwards

trick 8: the area calculation needs to be accurate. Before signing the contract, the area calculation must be accurate to prevent over measurement or under reporting. Otherwise, the actual measurement in the contract can give the decoration company a lot of room to play




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