Li Yongxian, director of door and window promotion

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What is big data marketing, and how does it relate to online marketing? Indeed, big data marketing is not a messy concept. It refers to the direction of marketing through the transformation and analysis of various data in the direction targeted. This data is expressed in forms, pen and ink, so that analysts can know it like the palm of their hand and make better decisions. However, due to the wide range of data, this workload is indeed quite large for a person who uses big data marketing

it happens that Internet marketing is network marketing, and the variable demand for individual or group data is chaotic and necessary, so big data marketing can bring more accurate sales guidance for network marketing, so as to suit the remedy to the case and achieve efficient and targeted marketing

but relatively speaking, the door and window industry is not afraid to carry out e-commerce without the idea of Internet. On the way to enter the Internet, whether it is forced to transform or take the initiative to change, the key point also lies in the change between the traditional marketing form and the Internet to convey ideas

it's just that even big data marketing still needs attention, just as Internet thinking says that "only speed is invincible". Network marketing also exaggerates timeliness. During the network period, marketing needs to compete for the "first landing point" and achieve the "preconceived" communication results; At the same time, we should overcome fragmented communication with the integrity of information, guide the reading of massive information with concise and brief narration, and establish prestige with the authenticity and accuracy of information, so as to attract the users who really need these big data, so as to truly make the data work for you through the data, rather than let myself work for the data. This is the problem that network marketing needs to pay attention to through this method of big data marketing

in the door and window industry, those who master big data can improve their marketing level. The combination of big data marketing and online marketing is a natural combination, and the economic benefits this combination brings to the door and window industry are also difficult to estimate. Therefore, it can be said that big data is the compass for door and window enterprises to carry out online marketing




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